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Put The Power of Life Insurance In Your Hands.

Discuss. Apply. Insure.

Merritt Financial Group Life Insurance

Policies designed to fit your life



Our friendly and experienced agents will walk you through the process finding coverage that fits your needs and budget



The application process can be completed in a matter of minutes by phone or in the comfort of your own home



We earnestly work with each insurance company to get you approved in a timely fashion

Peace of mind no matter what life hands you


New Age Life Insurance that you don't have to die to use! Imagine being able to access up to 90% of your death benefit if you become ill. Our quote engine will find you the very best rate combined with our easy application process Life insurance has never been so easy to get.

Living Benefits allow the insured to access their death benefit in cash in the event of a Terminal, Chronic or Critical illness. You may use this money to help pay for your mortgage, car, utilities, medical copay's and any other personal expenses that might be weighing on you.

For most families, our homes are our most valuable assets. Which is why we need to have a Mortgage Protection policy in place to pay off your mortgage in the event of a death or disability. Buying a Mortgage Protection policy has never been so easy with our revolutionary process.

Let us help you plan your retirement through various Life Insurance products such as Indexed Universal Life and Annuities. These build an excellent retirement while maintaining a death benefit. Retirement planning with a broker makes it easy to customize a plan for growth.


Our Mission:

To safeguard our clients from the epidemic of medical bankruptcy through education and insurance protection.  Most people believe their health insurance will cover everything in the case of an illness; others don’t know that Living Benefits exist to help them bridge that gap! At Merritt Financial Group, our goal is to inform and educate people about these unforeseen risks and how they can be mitigated. Merritt Financial Group's mission is to make this process as easy as possible with our revolutionary approach to buying Life Insurance. Discuss, Apply, Insure.


Life Insurance


Nancy S

We had no idea how important buying life insurance with Living Benefits was until my husband had a stroke. My husband had health insurance but, with co-pays and his inability to work, we got very behind on our bills. We were going to lose our home. Jo Ann Merritt-Green, with Merritt Financial Group, helped us file a claim with our insurance company. We were able to access the death benefit which enabled us to keep our house. Without Jo Ann Merritt-Green and our Living Benefits policy we would have been devastated.

Steven Rozansky

Buying Life insurance is not the most exciting thing to buy, but Merritt Financial group made it easy with there buying life insurance online approach, my wife and I met with an online broker and applied we were approved the next day! Thanks for making it simple.

Stacy Gardner

I thought it was too late for me to start saving for my retirement, Merritt Financial Group offered me a solution that allowed me to make a comfortable monthly contribution to start saving so I can spend more time at the beach instead of looking at them from my desk! With there retirement review online I can speak with my broker anytime to see how my investment is performing.


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